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www.ezehvalen.com is the space where I share Exclusive interviews, Tips on the very best of living, Fashion, Diaries, Entertainment articles, Tips for pro and upcoming Actors, motivational articles, in order for our readers to get motivated, live a healthy lifestyle, get entertain,and keep updated in the fashion world.

Who Am I?
My names are Valentine Kachee Ezeh- The brain behind this blog.

I am an African Actor, screen writer, student and a Blogger.

As  an actor I have worked with A list actors such as Majid Michel, Ruth Kadiri, Pet Edochie, Kenneth Okonkwo to mention but few. Valen is a trained script writer who scripts mainly on real life issues such as domestic violence, child abuse and neglect.

Things About Valen

I am from Enugu State. Born without a stop button or limitations.

Generally, I love helping people if I'm in the position to.

Thank you for traveling around my blog and please be my superior guest of this Blog.
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