Tuesday, 25 October 2016

GOVERNOR FAYOSE TO EKITI PEOPLE: Kill and use any cow caught grazing in Ekiti State for stomach infrastructure...

The governor of Ekiti state Ayodele Fayose has ordered that all cattle arrested in the state be use used for the stomach infrastructure programme
The governor said that these confiscated cattle be killed and shared among residents in the state
He also said his administration will ensure a permanent end to the situation whereby some people forcefully take away the means of livelihood of others Fulani herdsman with gun
The governor of Ekiti state Ayodele Fayose has ordered that cattle confiscated from herdsmen in the state be shared to residents as the state’s stomach infrastructure policy.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Ekiti Grazing Enforcement Marshals (EGEM), the governor said herdsmen caught grazing beyond 6pm risk a six-month jail term.
He also said their cattle would be confiscated.
Fayose said:“We have a right to life and to survive and holding things for our survival especially peasant farmers, whose means of livelihood are taken away by cattle feeding on their crops.‎ If the gains of peasant farmers are taken away in a jiffy, that is condemnable.‎”
The governor promised that his administration would bring a permanent solution to the issue and activities of herdsmen in the state.
“We will bring to a permanent end to the situation whereby some people take away the means of livelihood of others.
“On August 29, 2016, the Anti-Grazing Bill was passed by the House of Assembly and the bill was signed into law by me on August 30.‎ Some people go as far as grazing in the night when farmers are no longer at their farms.‎
“Any cattle found grazing after the time stipulated by the law will be confiscated by the government. Such cattle will be sold or killed on the spot ‎and shared to people as part of our Stomach Infrastructure programme.”
The governor also said, the grazing law is in the interest of the herdsmen as their activities in the state will now be streamlined.
“This is not an opportunity to harass or intimidate innocent people. You are to enforce the law and not to break it. Anybody found going beyond his bounds would be dealt with accordingly,”he said.
The conflict between herdsmen and farmers in various states across Nigeria have led to the killing of many.
Many people have also been maimed while houses, facilities have been destroyed.
Some of the state affected in this herdsmen/ farmers crisis include: Enugu, Benu, Ekiti, Abia and Nasarawa states.

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