Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Breaking news! Another Nollywood actress is dead

Once again, Nollywoomod is in mourning. After loosing Elder Maya  to the cold hands of death on
30th of last month, it's here again, digesting the death of another fast rising actress, Debby Chima.
The cause of her death is still unknown.
Before her death, Debby, who was a 300level student of University in Abuja, has featured in movies like Koboko Mouth, Onye Amuma Sharp -Sharp, among others.
Her cousin wrote:
Indeed, I cried when I heard that my cousin, Ifeyinwa who is known as Debby Chima in Facebook. A 300 level student in university... Abuja.... An actress in Nigeria film dead..(attack why??? sickness why??? Death why???!).....good bye sister....

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