Friday, 9 September 2016

How Can A Church Own A School And The Poor Can't Attend It..?" - Prince Eke asks

Nollywood actor, Prince Eke who is married to actress/ singer wife, Mumagee took to his IG to air his mind on how expensive schools are, especially the ones owned by churches. He wrote:

"How can a church own a school and the poor can't attend it...? How can you be teaching people how they can make it to the kingdom of God when they can't enter your own earthly 'kingdom', built with people's tithes and donations...? How can Christian schools be the most expensive schools in Nigeria now...? How can one relate this to the term "Christianity" with regards to the "Early Christian Community" ?
Note: Most of the good people in the world now have nothing to do with christianity, just like most Christians are far from it too. Another academic session, and parents are paying through their noses to send the kids back to school. A word will always be enough for the wise! Happy a nice day!"

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