Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Firstly, it is an error to date a guy that will demand for your nude pictures if truly the guy loves you-Emma Blaq

This is to all humans on earth involved in allowing your partners to take your nude pictures and to the foolish partners who latter make the pictures public to the world without the consent of thier victims just because an issue came up and they think that's the only way to make her feel less human and to all those who are quick to share this disgraceful post. Read this message with all human understand.

Firstly, it is an error to date a guy that will demand for your nude pictures if truly the guy loves you.
If your nude pictures is what he says keeps him alive then let him DIE. It is also an error for a girl or woman to allow her partner take her nude pictures in the name of "I love him so much he can have it so he can be using it to remember me when I am not with him" My dear you are a FOOL, your foolishness is beyond description. If your nude pictures is what will make him remember you then you must know the truth now from a young man like me representing the guys; the love he has for you starts from his head and not his heart and ends in his private organ. If you think that's the best way to buy a man's heart then you are not thinking straight. Have you ever seen a girl in the name of revenge post the nude pics of her boyfriend? No! Why? Is it because they love the guy so much that after they see their nude pics on the Internet they decided not to revenge? The reason is because they don't have the nude pics of their boyfriend. A man with his right senses will never allow any girl take his nude pics but the girls are so dumb in love to allow that. It's high time you girls understand that we all both male and female were created with the same level of wisdom, no one is greater than the other just that God wants the female to be subject to the man not for foolish things like this but for things that will bring Glory to his name. You must understand that your husband to be will never demand for your nude pictures; don't be so desperate to think if you allow him have your nude pics he will marry you. No no no no... He is going to show the pictures to his close jobless, low life friends like himself and every man that ask for such things has a negative motive. Dear pride of the World (Women) aquire some sense and stop disgracing the matured and decent ones.

To you on the Internet waiting to share people's disgrace and stupidity because that is what you were created to do in life; continue. Na only you waka come. One day it will be the turn of your sister or wife to be ridiculed by the public. You can't share post that will inspire and motivate people to be better in life but you are quick to share people's nude pics and like them. Your own is waiting in front for you. You can't share your faith with others but you can share people's fault with all gladness. If you are in this category and you don't change... people will share your own disgrace and you will be so frustrated that you will commit suicide. Don't say nobody will do that to you, don't forget you have sisters, your daughters are growing up as well. If you think you can spread others disgrace and go free you are a Joke. With this mouth that I use to pray, if you don't stop this foolish act your sisters and daughters will also be victims. Your disgrace will be on CNN and you will understand when people say "One good turn deserves another".

My name is EMMA BLAQ, I am an actor and a film maker. I don't seek the praises and likes of men, if you are wrong I will say it and if you are right I will say it. If you think this post is too harsh then what about the innocent girls nude pictures or videos you are sharing everywhere? You are free to share this post but if you insult me I will blast you 10 folds. God bless us all. @eblaq1

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