Friday, 16 September 2016

Exclusive Interview! Lilly Stan Igboanugo Speaks On Taking Gay Role, Dating a Married Actress, P0 rnograpy and More

Nollywood is an ever evolving phenomenon. From storytelling to subjects, every aspect of the film making has grown over the course of its journey. It has bestowed Local and international recognition to the chosen ones and converted their status from ordinary film actors and actresses to luminaries but at same time there were many who came, struggled to find a place but got lost without a trace. 

Lily Stan Igboanugo is one actor that has had a short but fast rising career.
Having starred in over fifteen movies, his first in 2013, he has struggled to gain the attention of producers and fans. Very humble and spirited, Lily Stan speaks to EVB about his challenges, rumored married lover, fashion, taking gay role, those he wish to work with and more…

How have you fared since you delved into Nigerian movie industry?
 Hard, but perseverance is the key.

 What was growing up like?
  Not rosy, but thanks to God almighty I am here today.

 How can you describe yourself?
 Optimistic, happy and kind
 Do you feel threatened by the number of talented actors in the industry? How do you intend to balance up?
 Never. All is believe in myself... improve in my skill. We all have different faces, color, stature, height and attitude so no cause for panic.

 Talking about height, do you consider yours as an edge over your colleagues?
 (Smiles) Well what’s the answer? My mom’s soup will always remain the best. Lol, is a YES!

You are currently one of the hottest faces in Nollywood, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?
 Overcoming the challenges, well I always remind myself about 'PURPOSE' which is the main reason why I am in Nollywood.

 The Nigerian Movie industry has doubtlessly come a long way, but how do you see it progressing?
If the Government invests on human resources. 

 How long have you been in the Industry?
 Three years now.
 And how many movies have you acted?
Over 15 movies.

Out of those 15 movies, which do you consider the most challenging?
30 Minutes from Hell, an Onyeze production.
 Now that your colleagues are doubling as movie producers, when do you intend producing your own film?
I don't know. My business in the industry is Acting.

 Is Lily Stan Igboanugo currently in any relationship?
 (Laughs) I should be mehn…

Can you tell us about her?
 I am single…

Why single? There are lots of good looking girls in and outside the industry…
 Just taking my time, though.

Can you date an actress?
You were romantically linked to one married actress as her lover, how true was the rumor?
 So true like the correct spelling of rumor.

 Are you trying to say it never happened or what?
 It can never happen.

What genre of fashion appeals to you?
Anything simple and clean.

Who is that actor or actress you wish to work with but yet to?
 Late Sam Loco, and for the ladies, Nse Ekpe Etim.

 What's your take on injecting pornography in Nollywood movies?
 It's absolutely unacceptable for me.

Can you take a gay role?
 Yes I can take a gay role.

 Within your three years in the industry how have the equipment and scripts improved?

What advice do you have for those who look up to you as their role model? Ans: Believe in yourself and always pray for God's grace which is the main thing.

 Any words for your fans out there?
I love y'all.

What do you think of Ezehvalensblog?
 I think it's a fast rising blog to watch out for because it's coming to take over.

 Thanks for your time.
You are welcome.

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