Thursday, 7 July 2016

Ruby,the late Amaka Igwe’s daughter shares a touching tribute to Bukky Ajayi

Ruby, the Late Amaka Igwe's daughter has paid an emotional tribute to late veteran actress, Bukky Ajayi who died yesterday, Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

Read what she wrote below:

 "Way back, I used to think everyone was immortal. I just never had to adjust to the kind of shocking change that is someone ceasing to exist. But now, I’m more than once bitten. And yesterday evening, I got bitten once again. Mama Wa has left Earth’s building. It doesn’t feel real, or normal. I’m not sure what to write anymore.

Rest in peace, yes, of course. Definitely, always…Auntie, I’m so glad the AMVCAs celebrated you when they did. Fuji House of Commotion was how we crossed paths, but your creative career spanned decades, and several sectors and genres. And I am so proud of how much you achieved, how many lives you touched. The ones who posted about it, the ones who will, and the ones who will never post. All join.

I have this sinking feeling, though, that the Creative Industries’ infrastructural deficits failed you. We should have been celebrating every decade.

You should have been teaching in some academy, so young hopefuls understand how it was done.

There should have been documentaries, stars on walks of fame. We could have done so much better. But let this not turn into a rant."

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