Tuesday, 5 July 2016

President Buhari's war on corruption is doomed to fail from day one because it is corrupt itself-Nollywood Producer, Dickson Iruogbe

Read his piece below...
Nollywoodd Movie Producer,Dickson Iroegbu- Mr. President Buhari, I think you can save us this hardship by just resigning.

"When a nation was heavily lied to and deceived into putting her destiny in the hands of an angry tribal hegemonist who holds the singular distinction of hating the successful in our midst with such bitterness that would make even the devil green with envy as his only undisputed credential, what do you expect?
Pa Buhari failed to properly manage his own corruption proceeds of the 70s, 80s and 90s and consequently ended up "a poor man" in comparison to his partners in crime like T. Y. Danjuma, Shehu Musa Yar'dua, OBJ, IBB, etc and his only explanation is that they must have stolen more than him and for that, they and every other successful Nigerian, who is not with him, is corrupt and must be crushed. Which leader, who meant well for his people, is anti business and alienates the rich in time of economic crisis as he has been doing and succeeds? No one becomes a billionaire anywhere in the world by being so nice and no leader toys with such class of people the way our president has been doing without causing serious pains and dislocations among the populace. That is what is going on in Nigeria today. PMB's war on corruption is doomed to fail from day one because it is corrupt itself. Hating and punishing the rich (often unjustly or just out of tribal considerations or outright inferiority complex) while at the same time pursuing tribal dominance in government and her agencies are not the same thing as fighting corruption. Until we admit that Buhari as our president at this time is a mistake and start looking for solution, this sorry reality of ours will sure persist. So sad!" Amaechi Ukeje (DGN)

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