Thursday, 21 July 2016

Obi Emelonye's Emotional Birthday Message to Son Will Melt Your Heart

Legendary Nollywood film maker, Obi Emelonye' son, D'kachy is 13 today, he took to SM to celebrate his son in an emotional post on Facebook.
 He wrote:

Rites of Passage In the days of yaw, as a boy child turns 13, he undergoes the rites of passage to initiate him into manhood; some form of traditional integration into the collective definition of tribal masculinity. But today, cut adrift by capitalist individualism and consumed by pervasive technology, things are different. A father's patient love replaces such testosterone-charged images of identity. His untested advice would have to replace the wisdom of our elders. And his strong arm around the boy's shoulder would make up for the decline of the community of men. Dear son, as you turn 13 today and mount the slippery slopes into manhood, my promise is that, no matter which direction the wind blows, I will always be there to hold your hand, to pray with you and work with you, to share you joys and your pains, to motivate and guide you; as you walk, with divine grace, to your glorious destiny. Happy birthday D'Kachy. Your old man's prayer is that you live long, live well, live happy, live healthy, live Godly, have fun, achieve, exceed and prosper.
Photo of D'kachy below..
Happy birthday lil man!

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