Thursday, 14 July 2016

Governor Okorocha Pulls Down His Lamonde Hotel's Fence As Part of Urban Renewal

According to a facebook user, Ohalete Wisdom Mayor who shared the photo on his TL, Imo State Governor, had to demolish part of his own popular hotel's fence in the ongoing decision to restore sanity to the state's urban renewal drive.
The source wrote:
"This Is Governor Okorocha's Property (Lamonde Guest House) Situated Along Orlu Road. The Fence and Gate House were Demolished yesterday afternoon as against Owelle's critics thinking that the Governor's property along that road will not be touched.
With what is going on now where Wailers see nothing good in noble ideas and with the current mental state of the Wailers, I can see the ship of the Imo State Wailers Association hovering over the political Bermuda Triangle. And if we don't take urgent steps to meander the interstices of an eschewable cataracts from the eyes of these Chronic Wailers, then their political calamitous end is imminent in a pestilential aqua."

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