Monday, 18 July 2016

Akon Set To Loose His Georgia Mansion in Foreclosure Suit Due to Unpaid Bills

The Senegalese born Singer gave his mother his Atlanta mansion few months ago, and now Akon is on the verge of loosing his only other home in the United States: a Georgia mansion which reportedly is about to be foreclosed due to unpaid bills.
According to The Jasmine Brand, a home construction company which Akon reportedly owes a bill of over $127,000 since 2013 has slapped him with a foreclosure lawsuit. The company remodeled the mansion and when the bills weren’t paid, slammed the singer’s mother Kine Gueye Thiam with a lawsuit and won. And now, since they still owe the bills, the company has returned to court, demanding permission to foreclose the property and recover their money.
Read what The Jasmine Brand said:

“[Akon] has been slapped with a new lawsuit accusing him of owing over $127k to a home construction company, with the singer/mogul refusing to pay the bill for years — and now they are demanding the court foreclose on his Georgia mansion and use the profits of the sale to pay back the years long debt he is accusing of blowing off.
Southern Electric Co. filed suit against the 43-year-old singer, rapper, songwriter, businessman, record and producer demanding his Georgia home be foreclosed on and sold off and demanding a profits of the property auction go towards the unpaid construction bill the singer/mogul refuses to pay them.
The company explains back in 2013, they provided $95k in materials and labor to Akon’s Milton, Georgia mansion – which he has been remodeling for years.
They say that Akon’s mother was the one who approved the construction by Southern Electric. The company sued Akon’s mom and eventually won a judgement in arbitration over the unpaid bills.
Currently, they are owed the $95k along with pre-judgment interest of $32,775 which continues to grow at $495 a month until it’s paid off by the singer.
They are demanding the home be foreclosed on and the profits from the sale be used to pay off the $127,775 debt owed to them.”

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