Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Actress Mercy Johnson celebrates daughter's dedication with stunning family photos

Actress Mercy Johnson, 31, and her hubby, Prince Odi had their third child Angel Onosetale Okojie's dedication over the weekend. Mercy took to social media and shared some family pictures....Scroll down for more...
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Onyeka Nwelue-Forget Muslims, Christians are extremely INTOLERANT

Writer, film maker, culture promoter and a teacher- Onyeka Nwelue shared these photos on fb and wrote:
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Actress Ebube Nwagbo slays in new photo

Nice one!
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Dethroned Queen Grace Okoro Adaeze narrates Her shocking Side Of The Story And Demands For An Apology!

 EX-Miss Nollywood Culture and Tourism has released a statement regarding her Dethronement.. The statement reads...

I called the contact phone number which was on the advert page for the Miss Nollywood 2015 / 2016 after filling the online form and making the bank registration payment. Mr Barakumo Odede who picked the call asked me to order for tickets which I will sell like other contestants which is a criteria to be a potential winner of the pageant. I then sold tickets worth #40,000 which I gave to Mr Barakumo. One night during camping, Mr Barakumo told us all that he will interview us but it will be privately done in his room.

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Monday, 30 May 2016

Biafra Anniversary: More damages as MASSOB Protesters Allegedly Kill Policeman in Asaba, Dump Others in River Niger

As the Igboland is currently heating up following the celebration of 49 years of Biafra anniversary, suspected members of  MASSOB have allegedly  thrown two policemen into River Niger, and stabbed one police officer to death, The Cable reports.
A police officer who pleaded anonymity disclosed that the protesters attacked some officers at the bridge, and overpowered two of them, before throwing them into the River Niger.
Pro-Biafra agitators
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Saturday, 28 May 2016

Must read! 13 Pictures That Are Too Real For New Salary Earners!!!

1. When you are still in Uni and you’re shouting “200k starting salary or nothing.”

2. Your face, when you first get that N19,800 NYSC allowance.

3. When NYSC is about to end and you realize you won’t be seeing that N19,800 again.

4. You, waiting for that “N200k starting salary” job to come.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months... Chai  Could my village people have blocked my destiny... Chineke me!!!! 

5. You, looking for work after sitting at home for a couple of months.

6. When they ask you how much salary you want and your mouth becomes to heavy to call that N200k

7. When you struggle and do Masters and they still want to pay you like someone with first degree.

8. When the small salary still doesn’t even enter your account on time.

9. When you subtract your transport and feeding money from your starting salary:

10. When you hear you’re meant to save out of that salary too.

11. When you now make the mistake of calculating how much your salary is in pounds.

12. When you tell your friends how much you’re making and they say “you’re even lucky.

13. The pain:


Curled from Nairaland
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EFCC under pressure to invite Goodluck Jonathan for prosecution over $2.1bn Fraud

Yesterday,EFCC received a petition to probe former President Gooocluck Jonathan for his role in the alleged mismanagement of $2.1 billion released to the Office of the National Security Adviser for arms purchase.
The petition is also requesting the EFCC to invite Jonathan for interrogation on why he made N400million public funds available to Chief Olisa Metuh, for personal and lavish private party use.

According to The Nation, Friday’s petition was the first petition the EFCC would formally receive demanding the investigation of Jonathan.
The petition said to be dated the 24th of May, 2016 came from a former member of the Enugu state house of assembly, Hon Ikenna Ejezie, through his lawyer, Mr Osuagwu Ugochukwu. President Muhammadu Buhari, and the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr Abubakar Malami (SAN), were copied to the petition.
A portion of the petition reads: “Our client is requesting you to, in the public interest, invite ex-President Goodluck Jonathan for questioning and possible prosecution over his role in the misuse of $2.1billion through the Office of the National Security Adviser (Col. Sambo Dasuki rtd) and disbursement of N400million funds to Olisa Metuh for personal and private political party use.
“Our client notes that Dasuki had stated severally whilst in your commission that the $2.1billion was authorized for disbursement by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan for arms purchase, but later turned out to be for selfish purpose.
“Olisa Metuh also had admitted that former President Goodluck Jonathan transferred and/ or authorized release of N400million public funds to his account for political campaign of Jonathan rather than for public interest.”
A top source within the EFCC acknowledged that the agency received the petition, adding that it would subject the petition to the due procedure of the agency. The source added that it was strange that the petitioner was seeking to pressure the EFCC into action by giving it a 7-day ultimatum to do its work.
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Toolz Oniru pictured in her wedding dress

Wow! Beautiful wedding dress...
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Friday, 27 May 2016

Actress Cha Cha Eke plays the new edible caterer

The beautiful Mother of one rocked this outfit yesterday!  Mama you fine oooh
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Wale Accuse Drake of Ripping off Wizkid for His Song ‘Controlla’...Read details

In Nigerian-born American Rapper Wale's latest interview with New York’s Hot97 Radio Station, he left a controversial statement about how he thinks Drake ‘sings’ like Wizkid in the song ‘Controlla’ off the latest album ‘Views’.

The video of the interview was shared some hours  ago by the radio station, and it recorded  Wale’s thoughts on  Drake, Meek mill, Nigerian artistes like Olamide, and more.
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Fulani Herdsmen Attack Benue Again; Sack Governor Ortom’s Village and Kill at least 50

Fulani herdsmen have wrecked excessive havoc in the village of Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, killing at least 50 people and destroying over 200 hectares of the Governor's rice farm.
The Governor disclosed on Thursday where he stated that the incessant killings and destruction of lives and property in Benue state had created a 25 year backward of development in the state, Vanguard reports.
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Reuben Abati-Tomato scarcity as metaphor

One of the major news items in circulation has been the scarcity of tomato. Incidentally, Nigeria is (was) the 14th largest producer of tomato in the world and the second largest producer in Africa, after Egypt, but our country hardly produces enough to meet the local demand of about 2.3 million tonnes, and lacks the capacity to ensure an effective storage or value chain processing of what is produced.
Out of the 1.8 million tonnes that the country produces annually, 900, 000 tonnes are left to rot and waste. Meanwhile, tomato-processing companies in the country operate below capacity and many of them have had to shut down.

      The CEO of Erisco Foods, Lagos, Eric Umeofia laments that tomato processing companies lack access to foreign exchange to enable them buy heat-resistant seedlings and other tools that would help ensure the country’s sufficiency in local production of tomato paste. Similarly, Dangote Tomato Factory recently suspended operations due to the scarcity of tomatoes and the assault on its tomato farms by a tomato leaves destroying moth, known as “tuta absoluta” - a South American native, also known as the Tomato Ebola, because of its Ebola-like characteristics.
      Other reasons have been advanced for the scarcity of tomatoes in our markets: the fuel crisis which has driven up costs making it difficult and expensive for Northern tomato farmers to bring tomatoes to the South, insurgency in the North East which has resulted in the closure of many tomato farms in that region, thus cutting off national output, the recent ethnic crisis in Mile 2, during which Hausa Fulani traders and other marketers engaged in a murderous brawl, climate-change induced drought and heat wave in the Northern-tomato producing states of Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Jigawa, Plateau, Kano and Gombe. In the best of seasons, Nigeria spends $1.5 billion annually on the importation of tomato products. The cost in this regard, seems certain to rise.
     Already, the effect of this tomato blight is being felt in households. Whereas a few months ago, a basket of tomato was about N5, 000, it is now about N40, 000 per basket. Housewives are protesting bitterly about how a piece of tomato vegetable has jumped up by about 650%, such that three pieces now go for as much as N500. Tomato in Nigeria today is thus more expensive than a litre of petrol! I have it on good authority, that in those face-me-I-face you quarters where the poor live, it has in fact become risky to leave a tin of tomato paste carelessly or fresh tomatoes lying around: they would most certainly be stolen, and there have been reports of soup pots suddenly vanishing should the owner take a minute from the communal kitchen to use the loo. Many are resorting to desperate measures to sort out a growing epidemic of empty stomachs and empty pockets. Unless this matter is addressed seriously and urgently, the social crisis may be far too costly in both the short and the long run: hungry people could become sick and angry, hungry citizens could become thieves and a nuisance, they could also become angry voters and a rebellious populace.
       However, the most brilliant explanation that we have received so far from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is that there is tomato scarcity because of  “tuta absoluta”. According to the Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, a group of experts will be immediately commissioned to advise the government of Nigeria on the way forward. The mandate of these experts is to “appraise the situation”, and then give us “a figure on cost of treatment…so we will source funds to tackle it.” Is that what this is all about? I am not in the mood at this moment, to spoil anyone’s day, with straight-to-the-nose-the-mouth-and-the-groin punches but I think that the response from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture is far from adequate, if not stupid. Please, where is that bow-tie wearing Akinwumi Adesina, the former Minister of Agriculture, now on loan to the African Development Bank?

What we are dealing with is a national food security crisis. Before the commissioned outsiders begin to “appraise and cost”, the resident experts in the Ministry, should know that it is not only tomato that has become a scarce and expensive item in Nigerian kitchens, virtually every food item has become unaffordable and there are many homes that can no longer feed properly. The scarcity of tomato is only a metaphor for the spread of staggering inflation and the hunger that ravages the land. A bag of rice that was once N7, 000 is now N19, 000 per bag, a congo of garri has jumped from N170 to N300, bread from N200 per loaf to N300, and same is the case with virtually every food item. More than this, tomato scarcity is a metaphor for the lack of continuity in governance processes (What happened to all that revolution in the agriculture sector under Akinwumi Adesina as Minister?) and of course, for the failure since independence, to take agriculture seriously as a major vehicle of national security and development. If the response to this query is that nothing concrete actually took place under previous administrations, then what is the present Minister’s blueprint? What is his comprehensive agenda for ensuring food sufficiency?
        It is indeed absurd that in 2016, we cannot produce enough tomatoes to feed ourselves – the short of it is that that single narrative about “tomato ebola” calls for more rigorous thinking.  It is not enough to deal episodically with tomato scarcity, or the scarcity of any other food item; this must be done within the context of a plan of action. The job of government officials is to give the people hope and not to deepen their agony. A committee of experts looking into the scarcity of tomato, and how to throw money at the problem (!)  is a round-about excuse for doing nothing. The knowledge that is required is within easy reach and much of the issues at stake, those within the province of the Ministry and those located in the larger context, are out there in the public domain, and perhaps, also in those accumulated files and old reports that most officials hardly ever read.  The Ministry also spoke up rather too tardily.
        For weeks, there have been all kinds of ethnic and political insinuations about how tomato became scarce, some of which, allowed to fester for too long, could have resulted in other crises.  And we can only hope that the connection between food and health will not be lost on the experts. The health benefits of tomato alone are so many; to have a population no longer eating tomatoes, because of its cost could have long-term health implications. And while we expect the Federal Government to take the lead in terms of visioning, we should remember to ask: what are the state governments also doing? What are the states doing to promote agriculture and ensure food security? Apart from Kaduna state, other state governments have been criminally silent about the food crisis or they really don’t know since they probably get supplies of fresh tomatoes from neighboring countries for their own kitchens. All the big men eating imported fresh tomatoes when we, the people, can’t get tomatoes to eat, just “continuu eh” but don’t forget that a hungry and angry voter is an enemy of politicians. 
       There is another side to this whole tomato thing that is noteworthy. Special notice must be taken of the reference to the insurgency in the North East as a threat to agriculture. It is also interesting that most of the tomatoes produced in the country are from the North, and the Middle Belt. Check the list of major tomato producing states in Nigeria: Kaduna, Katsina, Kano, Jigawa, Gombe, Plateau. Also check the list of the states where people are complaining most about the cost of tomato: they are all in the South! We should ask: so Southern Nigerians are grumbling about tomato being expensive and scarce, why are they so dependent on Northern farmers? They want tomatoes from the North, but are these not the same people who don’t want to see Northern cattle herdsmen in the South? Are these not the same people campaigning on social media that Southerners should stop buying beef in order to spoil market for Northern herdsmen? They are now begging for tomatoes from Northern farms?
         In Ekiti, the state Governor has already given local hunters an executive order to shoot any AK-47 wielding herdsmen sighted anywhere in the state. It may not have occurred to the Governor that an AK-47 is far more versatile than a “shakabula” that is made by local blacksmiths and that he may actually be sending his local hunters on a suicide mission, but I doubt if the same Governor will stop lorry loads of fresh and healthy tomato baskets coming from Gombe to Ekiti markets!  Thus, whereas cattle-grazing is causing ethnic division, tomato is generating so much hypocritical love for the Northern farmer: “Please, send us tomato, stop selling tomato to the tomato paste producers!”. This country is truly far more integrated and its various units so interdependent, in more ways than the politics of hate and division would ever allow the people to see. It is tomato today, should onions, millet and kolanuts also become very scarce, Southerners may start begging Northern farmers to please bring their produce to the South. This is the truth of our interdependence but we need to get our politics right and those who exploit ethnic divisions must allow the country to grow.  
        One final point: The scarcity of tomato and the threat of a national food crisis should remind policy makers at all levels, of the importance of agriculture. A nation that can feed itself is a safe and secure nation. A hungry nation can only have sad people. Tomato is incidentally, a versatile vegetable, very easy to grow, usually ready for harvest between 60 – 85 days. Those who are screaming “give us tomatoes”, and playing politics with it, may also do well to embark on subsistence farming: create a small garden in the backyard, turn that uncultivated plot of land into a small farm, plant a variety of food plants, remove that your white collar, stop waiting on the Northern tomato farmer, get on with the food revolution we need…while hoping that some day, Nigerian leaders will stop waiting for oil money and rediscover agriculture as Nigeria’s true gold.
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Actor Emma Blaq appreciates Nature in new photos

Nollywood actor Emma Blaq, took to his facebook page weeks ago  to write how he feels about girls and women doing nude nude photoshoot.The post which gained thousands of Likes and Comments. was shared close to Million times. Emma Blaq is back with taste of heaven here on earth with his new photos,which he captioned:
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Actress Mercy Aigbe pictured without pants or skirt

Actress, mother,Producer Mercy Aigbe shared photo of her wearing only long sleeve without pants!
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Ijaw Youths Warn Muhammed Buhari over Plans to Arrest Ex-President Jonathan, state conditions for Peace in Niger Delta

 The Ijaw Youths Congress (IYC) on Thursday warned the federal government to give up the idea of arresting the former president,Worried about the arrest of many close associates of former President Goodluck Jonathan with respect to allegations of massive fraud perpetrated during his administration,

Punch reports that the IYC made its position known at the Wellington Hotel in Effurrun, Delta State, where it held the 2016 annual Major Isaac Boro anniversary celebration with the theme, “The ideals of Adaka Boro and the renewed militancy in the Niger Delta: The way forward.”
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Davido Shades Dele Momodu in new Social Media Beef: ‘You for Tell Me Make I Buy You Ticket’

Is singer  Davido  ever going to stop taunting Dele Momodu on Twitter?

“How fa na, uncle Dele? You for tell me make I buy you ticket,” the singer, who is currently in Dubai for Toolz/Tunde Demuren’s wedding, said in a Snapchat clip, and his gang also joined in mocking the Ovation magazine publisher.
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'I was molested and passed around': Corey Feldman details horrors of Hollywood pedophile rings and reveals Corey Haim was just 11 when he was first Raped

Corey Feldman has shared shocking details about the rampant sexual abuse he and other young actors were forced to endure during their years in Hollywood.
In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Feldman discusses how he was repeatedly molested by adult males in the industry, saying these men would pass many young stars 'back and forth to each other.'

He also reveals that his closest friend, Corey Haim, was raped when he was just 11 by a producer, the start of a long cycle of sexual abuse that Feldman believes led to his friend's problems with drugs and alcohol later in life.
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Thursday, 26 May 2016

United Airlines to stop their flights to Nigeria from June 30th

After many years of flying daily route from Houston to Lagos, United Airlines will withdraw operating to Nigeria from next month. Their last fight will be on June 30th, ending the airline's only route to Africa.
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Tyga reportedly owing Kyle Jenner at least $2million.

In the past, when they were in relationship, there were rumours of Tyga owing house rents ,leasing luxurious cars here and there. Now, a fresh reports claimed Tyga is owing Kylie at least $2million.
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Jose Mourinho signs Manchester United contract-sky sports

 53-year-Jose Mourinho sealed the deal at hotel  in central London around 5pm thursday to make him the new coach at Old Trafford after the sacking of former manager Louis van Gaal who won the FA Cup Saturday.
It was a moment to cherish as Jose Mourinho symbolically wore a black and red tie for the final stage of negotiations, and the deal is completed on the 12th anniversary of his winning the Champions League for the first time with Porto, who knocked out United on their run to the final.
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Photos of Ese Oruru's daughter

 Ese Oruru,14-year old girl who was forcefully taken from Bayelsa  in August 2015 and converted to Islam ,has given birth to a baby girl.Ese was 5 months pregnant when she was rescued earlier this year in Kano and brought back to Bayelsa. According to reports,she gave birth this morning at the government clinic, in Bayelsa. Ese Oruru and her baby are reportedly in good condition.Scroll down for photos...
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Controversial OAP Freeze writes On How church members Idolize Their Pastors Instead Of Looking Unto God

Freeze wrote...
It usually starts with giving out cars and preaching doctrines that Jesus did not instruct..... then it ends like this. 👆👆👆 Most Nigeria's don't practice Christianity instead their religion of choice is Pastoria, Where idolizing and worshiping men of God, is what they foolishly believe would guarantee them heaven. I showed someone a verse from the bible the other day and all she could say was "that's not what PAPA said" I said "read it yourself it's right here in the bible" she called me all sorts of names and we never spoke again. Fast forward 3 years later I met her in court, her husband was seeking a dissolution of their 7year marriage citing adultery, the proof of which was their last born son.
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Cynthia Morgan launches foundation

Controversial Northside Entertainment artiste, Cynthia Morgan recently launched her own foundation 'Mama Cynthia Empowerment foundation'. The 'German juice' crooner  also showed her mothering prowess by strapping a sleeping baby on her back while beating drums.
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Actor Hertz Odira acquires a new car

Actor/ Engineer, Hertz Odira took to his facebook page to announce the good  news with caption...
God has been so faithful...‪#‎Benz‬ ‪#‎mercedesbenz‬ ‪#‎mbfan‬ ‪#‎mbcar‬. Check out photo of the car below...
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Ese Oruru gives birth

 Ese Oruru,14-year old girl who was forcefully taken from Bayelsa  in August 2015 and converted to Islam ,has given birth to a baby girl.Ese was 5 months pregnant when she was rescued earlier this year in Kano and brought back to Bayelsa. According to reports,she gave birth this morning at the government clinic, in Bayelsa.
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Police Arrest Five Suspected Nimbo Attackers, Recover Video of Attack (Photos)

The Nigerian police have arrested at least five suspects involved in the midnight attack on Nimbo community in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State on April 25 that left more than 20 persons dead.
In a statement released yesterday and signed by spokesperson Olabisi Kolawole, the police claim that operatives of the Inspector General’s Intelligence Response Team arrested the suspects following “credible intelligence” during investigations.
Premium Times reports that the arrested Fulani herdsmen are Mohammed Zurai, Ciroma Musa, Sale Adamu, Suleiman Laute and Haruna Laute, and the police claimed they recovered from the suspects one Gionee L88 mobile phone with memory card containing the video recording of the mayhem unleashed on the community.
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Actress Racheal Okonkwo releases artistic photos to mark her birthday

Actress Racheal Okonkwo aka Nkoli Nwa Nsukka, released these creative photos as she turned a year older today..Nice one.
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Actress Rita Edochie reveals She was Raped as a Child: ‘I Got Pregnant and My Brother Picked a Knife to Kill Me’

At a seminar on violence against the girl child  recently held in Abuja, Wednesday, the Nollywood  veteran, Rita Edochie talked about how she was raped at a  very tender by the son of her mother’s  best friend. Rita Edochie  was just in Primary 6 when the incident took place. Being a survivor of rape, the actress spoke out  at the seminar to encourage victims of such. Read...
“I was a victim of sexual abuse; that was when I was in primary six; I was going to the hospital and somebody called me,” she said, “The boy used some diabolic means and sexually violated me; when I could not see my period, I refuse to tell my mother, because she was very strict.”
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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

IPOB Alert! The unending Hillarious movie called Nigeria: An Epitome of confusion

An Igbo axiom says that an individual who doesn't know where the rain hit him or her, will certainly not know where him or her will get dried up. And one who uses a gun to shoot Ojoko should should remember that famine will come one day. This certainly is the pitiable state that most African country are in today.
The significant role which the right African values and rule of law had played in the past in our society, have suddenly metamorphosed and gone down the drain in this present day, where right African values, culture, language and religion are gradually been eroded by wrong  mind set and corrupt practices.
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A lady stripped Na ked for stealing Techno Phone(photos)

 An unidentified lady  pictured above was allegedly caught stealing Techno boom J8 at Robinson plaza Warri, Delta State yesterday. She was publicly stripped, s3 xually manhandled, and brutally beaten by an angry mob.
The lady was reportedly  humiliated and se xually abused by angry mob.A photo below...
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Nollywood actor Harry B returns back to Nollywood after surviving attack

Nollywood actor Harry B, who was attacked by some unidentified armed men  in December last year in Enugu State, has made a little recovery. Harry B took to Instagram page to announce his return back to the Movie Industry (Nollywood)and shared some location pictures from a set.
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Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan speaks from Cote d’Ivoire, denies being on Temporal Exile

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has called Thisday newspapers yesterday 23rd, denying claims by the media house that he was in Cote d'Ivoire on a temporal exile for fear of being arrested by Economic and Finacial Crime Comission operatives. GoodLuck  Jonathan in an interview revealed
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Photos:Tiwa Savage and Son, Jamil fly to Dubai

Singer Tiwa Savage and son, Jamil are currently on their way to Dubai, United Arab Emirate. Tiwa shared the photos few minutes ago....Adorable!
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Monday, 23 May 2016

Biafra Currency to Start full circulation in Biafraland as Naira Crashes Woffuly

AGITATION for the Ac­tualisation of the Sov­ereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) has threat­ened to start exchanging naira for Biafran curren­cy in Igboland.

Speaking in Onitsha, Anambra State, the MAS­SOB Anambra North Di­rector of Finance, Mr Martins Ezeaka, said since the value of the nai­ra has depreciated, the group may reintroduce the Biafran currency and make people use it in South East, as it did in 2011.
MASSOB former leader, Chief Ralph Uwa­zurike had on February 27, 2011 launched the Bi­afran currency, vehicles, motorcycle plate num­bers and driver’s licence.
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Flavour's baby mama share lovely photo with daughter

Singer Flavour's baby mama, Anna Banner and daughter lovely in new photo
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Ex-President Jonathan Allegedly Flees to Exile in Cote d’Ivoire

The fear of being in Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) cell  have forced the former President Goodluck Jonathan into unprepared exile in Cote d’Ivoire, Thisday newspaper reported.
According to the newspaper, several sources close to Jonathan said he sought refuge in Cote d’Ivoire last week following information that he would be picked up by the EFCC on his return from an overseas tour.
The sources added that President Muhammadu Buhari may have decided to use the recent bombing in the Niger Delta as an excuse to renege on his previous promise not to arrest the former leader for alleged corruption under his administration.
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Veteran Actress Patience Ozokwor Abadons Nollywood, Jewelries and Trousers After Getting Born Again, Shares Her Testimony

In a recent interview,  Patience Ozokwor speaks on her new religious life, how she met God, the retreats she holds and having to ditch her previous lifestyle which included wearing trousers, dreadlocks and jewellery.
The Star Tells met up with Ozokwor at a church event at St. Marks Anglican Church in Eziobodo Village, Imo State, where the actress famous for her ‘wicked mother-in-law’ roles, revealed how she fasted for 30 days this year.
The interview gets interesting as the actress who had starred in over 100 movies, revealed she has not been acting in any movie shoots ever since that intense praying and fasting this year, even though she previously made a over  N1.5million per week from movie shoots.
And on how her family feels about this new lifestyle, she says her daughter is deeply upset while her brother thought she is mentally ill.
According to Star Tells:
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