Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Man lands in trouble for not paying prost!tute!

A commercial sex worker from Chikang,Zimbabwe  was furious when her client failed to settle the $10 for services rendered.

She payed  hefty men who threatened and forced the man to sell his Huawei smart phone for $10.
Nomatter Masamba, 28, was arrested after Brian Makura, 33, went to Police men. She,however, denied the charges when she appeared before senior magistrate of Mutare, Mrs Sekai Chiundura.

She said she did not assault Brian Makura,33, as alleged, but only poured a bucketful of water on him after he had tried to have unprotected s38 with her.

It was the State’s case that on February 8, Masamba together with of her type accomplices assaulted Makura and forced him to sell his mobile phone for $10 so
that he could pay her  for services rendered.

Masamba told the court that Makura had hired her for a one-night stand, but nothing happened as he fell asleep before the act.

She said he woke up an hour later and tried to have unprotected sex with her.

“I met him at around 3am in town and he hired me for sex. He was supposed to pay me $10 after the session, but we did nothing because when we got home he suddenly fell asleep.

“An hour later he tried to have unprotected sex with me, but I pushed him aside and poured water on him since he was acting against my will,” said Masamba.

The complainant sustained injuries and was referred to Mutare Provincial Hospital for medical treatment.

The case goes for trial today, March 1.

Original Source: Newsdezimbabwe

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