Wednesday, 10 February 2016


Despite the challenges of 2015, we are still lucky to be amongst the living. Yes, not everyone that kicked-off the 2015 with us ended it on a very good note as we. Some died as soon as the clock ticked 12am. Oh come on, put a huge smile on that face and forget the worries of yesterday, being alive today present to us new opportunities to work hard and achieve those goals we weren’t able to achieve last year. How has your year been?

For some years now, I have dim it a must a must to pen down my new year resolutions at 31st December of every year and also thick those goals I was able to accomplish at the end of the year.
2015 kicked off as a year 6 of confronting my fears and moving out of my so-called comfort zone. The early three of the twelfth months was spent in Idah, Kogi state, while I was there something kept telling me to leave for Enugu state that I wasn’t meant to be there.

That was one of my greatest decisions I made in 2015 and I’m not regretting it a bit. This special decision took a positive change in entire life, and I can’t contain myself of joy in the self- discovery.
Back to my review for 2015.the year was up and down for me and somehow self-fulfilling, though not fulfilling as I had wanted. Its unfortunate that I wasn’t able to achieve financial target I set early 2015. And I also couldn’t get a new laptop as I had wanted due to a ‘con artiste’ I taught was a friend.
I would like to refer to him as ‘fraudster’ yes that’s what he is into, though I discovered of late.
When the laptop I was using crashed, I had no raw cash, so, I took it to some technicians for repair which the miracle of fixing it never happened. It just dawn on me how much time and money I have spent on the laptop, I let go of it by given to the last technician that worked on it, instead of adding to my already stuffed-room.

So, I was charting the so-called friend on facebook and he told me he was in Canada for ‘conference’ out of excitement I couldn’t hide my intention to get a new laptop from him. I told him and obliged with little or no delay…he even asked me to get my money ready, that if I even wanted phones that he can help me buy them while I pay him monthly which I subscribed to his idea.

I called him and he told me that he was in Murtala Muhammed international Airport  Lagos, that he just arrived, that I was even the first person to have called him. He hung the phone telling how wasn’t ready to lose his luggage’s like he did in his previous trip to Germany.

What do I know? I have never travelled out of the country apart from Cameroun I visit whenever I fi d myself in Taraba state. But I have I been to airport on several occasions.
Later at night I called him and asked him how I was going to get the laptop and phones (Blackberry passport and Z30) my cousin and friend requested for.

First, he asked to come to Lagos and later changed his mind that we should make half- payment to his account for him to courier it to Enugu. Within 2days 50,000 was sent to his account as we agreed on. My nightmare started that very day, he stopped answering his calls, sms and even his FB messages until one night he sent a message a message asking me to come to Abuja (where he is based) to get the stuff.
My life was torn apart. I became frustrated and he was apparently enjoying my distress. I sent him another message asking him for the Address of where he stays in Games village, Abuja that took him up to 5days to reply.

The night he replied, I booked 10am bus to traveled to Abuja the next morning. That night was one of the longest night in my entire life. Had a sleepless night…
Finally, morning came and I went to the park and board a bus, since his numbers weren’t going through I had to keep my phone data on to be able to message him on facebook. He never told me anything again until we drove passed Lokoja telling me he wasn’t in Nigeria that he was in South Africa that his friend will attend to me. In fact, that he had already told him to make me comfortable, that he is sorry and all that.
God bear me witness, I never insulted him through- out our chats. I was never rude even when he taunted me severally. I was nice and polite as I could be to him .

When I got Abuja I picked a cab to games village, the gate keepers were like asking me if was the one that acted young Francis Odega, I said yes and we had a really good laugh at that. I quickly made the pleasantries short, and courteous.

After much enquires the address he gave wasn’t in existence in the estate. I switched on my android and showed them picture, they told me, they see him in the estate but they don’t know the exact block he was living. And they can’t start going from one building to building in search of him.
I checked my time and it was getting late, I had to call Mike my school mate, who reside and work in Abuja but he had travelled to Kogi for clearance. I went to Hotels around to pass a night but the price was too expensive for me.

Within a twinkle an eye Mike called me to find out if I had met with the fraudster and I said no. he sent me his colleague’s number in Kado estate where I passed the night.
To cut the story short, till date he hasn’t sent the laptop and the phones. I have called the sister in-law to tell send me the mothers number but she told me she refused her sending the number to me that if i should sort out myself with her son.

I have paid 20k out of 40k. I spent my Christmas thinking, why can’t men be trusted anymore? But I forgot, the heart of men is indeed dip and mysterious. Trust them with this and they will end up doing the opposite. One thing is sure, nobody takes my sweat forcefully and get away with it. Cos I worked for it…. It might take time. I can’t comprehend the lesson this history of time has taught me.

I have made a lot of friends through this blog. It has been a haven I ease my burden. I’m here to feed my readers with unique post, I guess that’s why you type ‘ezeh valen’ and it pops up on the first page of google. No financial reward from this blog yet, but what I get is wonderful people like you, and my name been promoted as well.

Thank you for always halting on this blog even when I barely update due to lack of laptop, but I hope to get one soon. Lets do it again….
My birthday is on February 14th..v

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