Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I didn’t feel too well to blog today, but something keep screaming in side of me yes inside of me. Little has been tutored on ‘’domestic violence’’ and it effect on the kids of this generation and the generations yet to come. Ok now I’m stirring into my blogger dashboard looking for the simplest way to dish out my mind for my beloved readers to grasp. Yeah, I know you all have a good grasp of human compassions. I mean just like myself!

Lately, we have been reading, seeing, listening or watching stories of how father rapes his young daughter, how an adult molests a child entrusted in his care. They are abused stories right? Alright that’s topic for another day.
Let me share a little story with you. This is no fiction at all. It is real and real as real. Here is the story below:

She is barely fourteen. Beautiful but she tries too hard not to be seeing as one. Intelligent, but low self esteem has taken advantage of her. Yes that’s what Chioma is passing through.
Chioma has grown up in a family where domestic violence between her parents is the talk of the street. Sometimes she is caught in the middle and she’s been forced to take sides.  She’s also had to deal with physical abuse (bullies) at her school and at times she found it too hard to cope with stress and control her temper. Poor chioma!

Her school teacher (miss Lisa) referred her to NYSC member (Ben) who majored in psychology and counseling about a month ago. The NYSC member is good, he has taught the little Chioma how to deal with stress . A separate counselor at the church is helping Chioma’s parents to sort out their difference.

The NYSC member has helped her to become a better child. He believes in chioma which has helped the little girl to believe in herself even when others did not. Not even her parents.
Ben talks to Chioma’s parents and school so they can help her get to do her home work done and she keeps her motivated to do reading and writing.

So I am here to let you know –there is life after so much trauma. There is life after the society have lied to you that you are worthless and that you can’t amount to anything. I am not talking about little bit of life. There is much more of life.

Whatever you are passing through, please stop talking or involving your children into your marital issues. It sure has a way of robbing their self esteem and it can also lead to incalculable damages.
At a little age many parents have exposed their little children emotional abuse, emotional trauma and they end up finding love in the wrong places, cos their vulnerability is just too much not to be fed on.
If you are a parents or a guardian, now is the time! I charge you to take actions that would affect a change. Stop putting your kids through such issues. If you are having issues with your hubby or anyone ask your kids to go to their room.

Join me today let reduce domestic violence drastically to zero.
Say no to abuse, neglect and child abuse!  
Hope you told someone about this blog?  Yes or no? if no you are selfish… hehehe! I said that, you are +
selfish. If you disagree with me on that, your lunch and dinner will be impounded and confiscated. Court! 
 I’m outa here (in that my neighbors fake American accent voice).


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