Monday, 5 October 2015


Good day, everyone. My name is Valentine Kachee Ezeh, I am in my early 20s , I hail from Nsukka, Enugu state. I was born and bred in Idah Kogi state. I also had my high school in Federal polytechnic Secondary School Idah, Kogi state. I majored in science. I am from a family of 7. I have four brothers and I’m the 2nd child. I’m an actor, a script writer (written about 3 in case if you are interested). Lol! 

I have been acting right from right from my high school days. In 2012, I registered with Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Since then I have I have worked with the likes of Daddy Pete Edochie, Majid Michel, John Dumelo, Keneth Okonkwo, Micheal Godson, Ruth Kadiri, and so many others. The movies I featured includes; kingdom of rituals, biology master, fake teachers, oga Titus, the Americana, kingdom revolution, the wind, Ruth kadiri’s  movie ‘’War in France’’ and others yet to be released.

The challenge we face in this country is lack sponsorship…yes, I have wanted to publish a magazine with my friends, but we had no money. The companies we approached for sponsorship shut their doors at us. So, we went online “phoenix magazine’’ …why phoenix? Tim (currently in China studying)  brought the idea then we jumped on it. Phoenix is a bird that resolute and we dreamed to resolute journalism through the ashes. I find joy and happiness in doing things I do.

I noticed they are few blogs that really talk about youth in entertainment, inspirational articles, real life issues, challenges in entertainment industry… so, I have created this platform to celebrate the youth in general.also ,to give pro and upcoming actors another form blogging. Yes I broke the chain of normality. You can sue me and I will deny you your lunch.

My Exclusive interviews shall be weekly or twice in a week. I also want to be giving free lectures on acting here, yes right here.
I’m here to dish out my unfiltered mind to entertain, inspire as well as educate the minds of this generation.
 I’m hoping to learn from you too. Once again you are welcome where you quell yourself ennui and depression without any asking for any ones permission. Yes, not even mine.

Enough Said already, don’t want to say too much. If you wish to know anything about me please ask me. From now on count here as your number one fun haven. Don’t forget to tell your friends about here. I promise to give the best of best… make sure you check on everyday…my brother from another brother is Dan Egbuta…..shh! 

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