Monday, 12 October 2015


 Professor Babatunde  Salako  took to his facebook timeline yesterday to share his  experience with immigration officer in Atlanta, USA.

LOL!  Read their conversation about Nigerans who seek health care Abroad.
“Today as I tried to go through the immigration officer in Atlanta, USA the officer asked me why I have come to the US. The following conversation ensued:
Officer: sir, why are you here

Me: To attend a conference and meet with my collaborators
Officer: how long are you spending here?

Me: a few days, about a week
Officer: what do you in Nigeria?
Me: I work at the college of medicine, university of Ibadan

Me: have you heard of that name before?
Officer: no

Me: really? That is the first University in Nigeria, that is where I work as a professor.
Officer: what do you teach Professor?

Me: I teach Medicine, hypertension and kidney disease
Officer: so you are a Professor of Medicine?

Me: yes
Officer: why is that your people keep coming here for health issues when people like you are there? 

They always tell me there no good doctors.
Me: that’s not completely true, there are good hospitals. Some truly will need improvement in their equipment and funding but successive government have tried but they still need to improve funding.
Officer:  okay Professor, thank you for your time.

Of course those lying up behind me were wondering what the conversation about. Nigerians who seek health care elsewhere should be truthful enough not say there are no good doctors in Nigeria, indeed there are. The good doctors in Nigeria should please respond to this”

In case you don’t know prof. Babatunde  Salako, he is a Lecturer/Prof in Nephrology at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria for the past fourteen years.

He has been involved in research activities within his University and outside Nigeria.

Lets I forget good doctors please respond to this….

photo source: fb/Babatunde Salako.

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