Friday, 9 October 2015


The greatest gift of being successful is that particular blend of sincerity, intelligence and hard work.
Nollywood  movie Director  cum script writer, Vincent D Anointed is indeed an epitome such trait.
The first time I saw him was sometime last year when I went to collect a movie script of ‘The wind’ in media Royal Hotel, Enugu state. He was filming one of his block buster movies like that. When my friend told me he was Vincent D Anointed GCF my jaw literally dropped. I mean i expected to see an elderly man with pot belly not a young man. But that was him busy with his phone (Please don’t ask me what he was doing with his phone, cos I got no answers to unlock). HIAN HIAN!
If you haven’t seen or heard about any of his crafts then you on a very long thing. Yes you are sleeping on a moving bicycle! Lol

If you’re still doubting his potential, your lunch and dinner for today will be impounded and confiscated. Court!

Now the main gist, ninety nine percent of Nollywood Actresses interviews we have read claiming they have been s*xually harassed by Directors, producers and Executive producers in Nollywood. Most of these girls are liars they initiated the harassment themselves. You are asking why? Ok! What do you expect when you steal Directors phone number and begin call and text him naughty messages? What do you expect when you tell a producer that you can do anything to be in his movie in even when you know your role is not there?
Here is what Director Vincent D Anointed GCF  spilled concerning s*xual harassment in Nollywood. Men this man knows how to spill some coffee! ( talking about coffee I need cup of coffee. Real cold here)
Permit to screen some words here:

“I have read a lot of interviews of girls claiming they have been s*xually harassed by producers and Directors in Nollywood. Good you have been harassed I agree. But what led to the harassment? Can you boldly post your conversations with the said producer or director? Can you boldly tell everyone what actually transpired between two of you? Come on, when you keep sending someone messages that you are willing to do anything why won’t they ask you for s*x? if you believe you have the talent why not take it cool and carefully look for the right avenue to express your creativity? Desperately calling producers, directors etc will never help you! Honestly if I post some of the messages I get everyday none of these acclaimed harassed girls will be able to talk again…the people I’m talking to know themselves.

One said she will never leave me . AGAIN I ADVICE. Desperation will never help you. And not EVERYONE YOU SEND MESSAGES TO ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER OR INSTAGRAM CAN HELP YOU.
That I can’t help you does not that mean you can’t be helped somewhere else? Be wise and stop messing your family name…”. 

read the comments I screen shot:

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