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 Good day readers, I must say a very big thank you to everyone that visit my blog on daily basis. It is not easy. Hmm!  This is the continuation of ‘A TO Z ACTING TERMS EVERY ACTOR SHOULD KNOW’. Have fun!

WELFARE: food that the cast and production crew consume on location.

WRAP: It’s referred to a completion of filming.

ACTION: it simply means ‘start’ to act. Commonly used by Movie Directors and assistant Directors.

CONTINUITY: I think the word ‘Repeat’ is the perfect explanation for continuity. You are asked to do exactly what you did in the first shot in the first shot. No addition or subtraction. Example, facial expression, Accent and so on.

CONTINUITY PERSONNEL: A person whose job is to record an action of an actor during filming. He/she helps the Actor in remembering his/her positions while filming. The continuity personnel also help the props/set.

CONTINUITY MAINTENANCE: The ability of an actor to repeat what he/she did or said in previous shot without mistakes. When you are good at this you can work with any Movie Director as an Actor. Chiwetalu Agu is an epitome of this.

CONTINUITY LOSS: Once an actor can’t repeat what she or he did or said in the last shot continuity is said to have loss. It could be verbal expression, facial or accent. Talking about accent, many female Actors fake accent a lot (topic for another day) lol! Especially the “wanna be’’ actresses and they end up getting in trouble with Directors.

ARTISTE FEE: A particular fee an actor charge per movie. It varies depending on your demand in the market you are in. for example Ezeh Valentine charges 120,000 thousand Naira per flick, Micheal Godson might charge you 700,000 thousand Naira for the same movie role you gave Ezeh Valentine. So, it differs with actors. ‘shoe get size’ .

COSTUMIER: A person who is skilled in costuming ac actor before he/she starts filming. In a lame man’s language a ‘’Dresser’’ who dress an actor on the location. They are also responsible for clothes an actor wears on set.

MAKE-UP ARTISTE: A professional who is skilled in beautifying/transforming an actor into a desirable appearance actor to the movie role the actor is playing. Most Make- up artiste in the beauty studio won’t make a good movie Make- up artiste.

STILL PHOTO:A photographer whose job is to take shots while actors are filming for certain 
purpose. For example movie poster and jacket.
CAST: the collective group of actors filming in particular play or movie production together.

CREW: the group of workers on a film production who are not part of the cast. Their work is behind the camera. Directors, Producers and so on

SCRIPT WRITER: A person who is talented in writing scripts. He or she knows the conventions appropriate to such work because he or she is a professional.

ROLE: A character / part played by an actor or the expected behavior of an actor in a particular movie.

ROLE PLAY: An actor acting out a fantasy, especially with the cast of the movie.
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