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Hey  y’all!  Many people have been disturbing me on social networks on how to join the movie industry (Nollywood). So I took my time to write this piece for their consumption, if you are one. And I hope answers are un-lock as you read.

As an actor whether you are professional or aspiring, certain things you are meant to know in this industry (Nollywood). They are certain terminologies used to describe things in the movie industry which would be discussed in this post.

ACTORS GUILD OF NIGERIA (AGN): Let start with understanding the meaning of the word ‘GUILD’. Guild is a group of diverse people that share common characteristics or interests. From the definition of Guild we can say that Actors Guild of Nigeria is a group of Actors that share common characteristics and interests.

The Guild was founded two decades ago, the Guild was birth as a platform upon which the movie industry (Nollywood) in Nigeria be controlled.
It has assisted a lot of Actors in realizing their dreams, as well as promoting the cultures of Nigeria and Africa as a whole to the world at large, the Guild remains the most successful point of Nollywood. And it is the third largest movie industry in the world, after Hollywood (first) and Bollywood (2nd) . 
Nollywood by the help AGN started to execute one of it’s main reasons by setting up it’s presence across the world.

Actors Guild of Nigeria is responsible for the member’s welfare. For example after working with a movie producer or a movie marketer and he/she refuses to pay you, you meant report to the Guild chairman in your state so, that your case would be, but before you report case here are things you should have at your finger tips: be a registered member. If you are not a registered member I am sorry the Guild can’t protect you.
So, you are as good as vulnerable and you could get arrested for character assassination or impersonation.

Another thing is, did you reached an agreement during the script collecting with the producer or Executive producer handling the set you acted? Please, if your answer is ‘NO’ dear, need not to report to any chairman of Actors Guild of Nigeria, except you like stirring troubles for yourself.
Enough said already, so lets get down to business.
WORK PERMIT: work permit is more like an identity card, I mean it comes inform of identity card. It is a legal document giving information required for an employment of certain Actor in Nollywood. It is your ticket to filming in anywhere you find yourself. it can also get you easy access to visa without much stress. Lol! Now you wonder why our celebrities vacate one country to the other… hehehe!

CREW: Everyone who assist in the production of filming. E.g location manager, Director, Camera operator, costumier, Make-up artiste etc..

LOCATION: is the place where filming takes place. The person responsible for location is the Location Manager. He/she scout for the location after reading his/her script.

BOOKING: when an actor is booked for a particular job by a producer or Executive producer. It is common with big actors.

SCRIPT: a written version of a play or a movie composition; used in preparing for acting. Although, they different type of script.

CUT: Normally used by film Directors to tell the Actors filming on set whether they are done or to correct them or otherwise.

CLOSE UP: A shot showing from chest to head. They are different type of close up.

CASTING: the choice of actors to play particular roles in movie or play. I think it’s also used in the modeling industry, cos I have heard of models going for casting.

AUDITION: A test of suitability of an actor. Here you are meant to read or act to get a role. Depending on the Director/film maker you find yourself in his or her audition.

Hope I helped someone? Look forward to more acting terminologies every Actor should know…Ciao! 

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